Taniwha's Den 2017

Taniwhas Den 2017 DJ set list

Inside the forest lies a sound system

Taniwha’s Den is a audio visual feast nestled in beautiful surrounds in the Hinekura Valley that will stun the senses.
A gigantic cliff face, mapped with 50 foot projection, the Mayhem soundsystem inside a forest nearby. A full array of lighting & projection, all surrounded by the Pahaoa river which has created a natural limestone cliff – Camping on-site with a chill zone overlooking the cliff, a selection of food options will be available too with more information closer to the event.
Featuring a lineup of some of the finest purveyors of sound and vision, DJs and VJs to simulate your senses and evoke the tribal dance.
Come and join us for this exculsive one night only event, for a surreal night of visual and audio excitement – 4/5 Feb 2017.


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