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2023 will essentially be the tenth Taniwha’s Den. Rather than just celebrating a number or milestone, we continually seek ways to acknowledge the spirit of the whenua and the wai.

The taniwha calls us to this place. Each time, it is a special gathering of harmony, knowledge and artistic expression. The elements storing the energy of the past, present and future. 

It is a ‘pool’ and the reason we return to the source each Taniwha’s Den.


Getting too and from Taniwha’s Den has changed for 2023 due to a road closure.

How to Get to the Taniwhas Den

The Hinakura Road from Martinborough is closed due to a huge landslide, and will not be open. Therefore please be prepared and update your travel information and the map on how to get to Hinakura and the Taniwha’s Den.The new route has fantastic scenic views.
DO NOT GO VIA MARTINBOROUGH, because it will add another 1 hour to your trip time and also it is Martinborough fair day and the traffic will be horrendous.
Please study the new route to the Den. We will be posting a lot more information about travel and the scenic route before the 2023 Den, so don’t worry – you won’t get lost. You’ll have to allow an extra 30-45 mins travel time to get there. Carterton is now the town to use to stock up on those last minute essentials. It has a New World super market and good cafes. Sign post directions will also be put up showing the way to get to the Taniwhas Den from Carterton.
    FOR YOUR JOURNEY TO 172 Moeraki Rd, Hinakura.

Map Option A (THIS LINK)

If you are travelling from Wellington or will be driving to site from anywhere south of Greytown/Carterton, please follow the above Option A link to the correct map for you.

Map Option B (THIS LINK)

If you are travelling from Masterton or from further North, you take the road from Masterton to Gladstone. Just before Gladstone you turn left onto Admiral Road and the new route to the Taniwhas Den. Do not go to Martinborough.


Clifton Grove Road to the Den is a gravel road which is windy in places and changes elevation throughout the drive. It has some stunning views along the way.

We ask that you take extreme care on the road in.

  • Drive slowly
  • Have a passenger follow the map and check off the the Den signs as you go
  • Take your time
  • Drive during daylight hours Only
  • Watch out for stock on the road
  • Ensure loads in your car or campervan are secured correctly

Detailed Directions – Carterton to Hinakura

• Once in Carterton turn onto Park Road at the
• Turn left onto Carters lane
• Turn right onto Gladstone rd
• At the t-section turn left onto Te Whiti Road
• Take the next right on to Admiral Road
• Continue on Admiral Road until you reach the
fork with Admiral Station Road and take Clifton
Grove Road on the right.
• Clifton Grove Road becomes Wainuioru Road
after the second bridge.
• Turn right at Ngakonui Road
• Ngakonui Road becomes Moeraki Road at the
next bridge.
• Continue to Taniwha’s Den – 172 Moeraki
There is poor cell phone coverage in the Wairarapa, so please ensure you download the correct MAP, and have all the information you need to get here quickly but more importantly… Safely.
  • Gates open Friday 03 Feb 2023 at 12pm so that you can enjoy getting here early to set up your campsite
  • Stages open 12 noon Sat 04 Feb 2023 to 12 noon Mon 06 Feb 2023
  • Food Vendors open 12 noon Friday 03 Feb 2023
  • Free drinking water on site.

12:00pm till 12:00pm | R18 | 172 Moeraki Rd, Hinakura, Martinborough

Tickets available from Cosmic or Tixel.

Please take care on the roads and we look forward to having you all here for this year’s event.

Camping, Food, Water & Other Things

You will be able to camp with your cars, tents and friends at the 2023 Den. There will be no separate car park.


You will need to book your space for these camping options. We have set aside an area to accommodate you and allow you to be with friends who have tents. BUT YOU MUST BOOK. Please click on the link for more information and to register

Campsite services & showers

  • This year there will be  free hot & cold showers on site, in a centralised ablution block, that we are building especially for the 2023 Den.

We’ve got the power

  • Campsite Hubs will provide a self-service area with stations to plug your jug in to boil a cuppa etc.

Water, water everywhere

  • Extra free drinking water will be placed throughout the camp zone

Know Your Stuff

Will be with us again. We love these people, they keep us safe.

Food & sustenance

Cash is King! There is no eftpos.

Our awesome food vendors will be available on site when the gates open at 10am on Friday. And of course Juice on the Loose is back with great coffee and smoothies. Joining them will be:

  • Soul Sisters
  • Taco addicts
  • Sushi Burrito
  • Indo plus

Getting in the festive spirit

This coming year we’ve got a treat for you! We will be creating a special space for everyone to explore their fun and vibrant sides. We look forward to welcoming you to SOS, the Swap Or Shop Costume Shop.

Whether you are a seasoned festival-goer or a newbie, we will be there to help you explore and expand in all things dress-ups. We will help you to dress the way you want to feel!

As many of you will know, creating the festival vibe takes a village, and here’s where YOU come in! We need you to search through all your costumes and accessories. If you have something that you don’t need anymore, please give it to us! Start a little pile of goodies and let us know that you are keen on helping.

This is a special shop as all of the proceeds will go directly to the Wairarapa Women’s Refuge. We can have fun and make a difference at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Drop us an email at for more information and drop-off locations.

Wigs, capes, sequins, glasses, funky pants, shirts, leggings, jewellery, dresses, hotpants, onesies, jackets, accessories: IF IT’S FUN, WE WANT IT!

Respect the Taniwha

The Den family are a respectful tribe of music lovers. We know how to have a good time, we respect all who are on or off the dance floor, as well as the land that we are so blessed to call home for the three magical days we come together every year.

We reserve the right to deny entry or to ask you to leave the Taniwha’s Den. This has hardly ever happened, and we don’t want to start now. Which makes the party that much more fun for us all.

To preserve our beautiful location and to help ensure that we can party here for many years to come, please check, and respect our guidelines below.

Leave only footprints and good memories This place is special to us, respect it as you would your place. Above all have a fucking great time.

No means No This goes for us all gathering in this very special place. Respect your mates and their choices. Consent is an obvious YES. Anything else is a NO.

Look after each other Look out for your mates, and everyone else. If you need assistance, come speak to any member of our crew, security team, or volunteers. The Den crew are here to help, but we are not here to babysit you.

Respect everyone Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation or origin and any form of sexual harassment be it physical or verbal is not welcome at the Den.

No dogs There are resident Kuri born on the Whenua, most of you have met them. But if you bring a dog, you will be denied entry.

No swimming or drinking the river water.

No glass It was great to see everyone trying to bring cans or had decanted into plastic for the 2021 event. We will be a lot more observant in 2023, so please no glass.

Rubbish Please pick up and collect all your rubbish in the rubbish bags we provide on entry. Also it would be very helpful if you see litter on the ground to pick it up and help us leave no footprint. On your way out there will be two large skip bins to put your rubbish bags into before driving home.

No open fires, gas or charcoal BBQ’s It’s a total FIRE BAN in Hinakura for February. But we will have all our food vendors here on time and electric sockets for kettles and a cuppa available in the camp zone.