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Dale Fairbairn

Born out of a deep passion for electronic music. Dale Fairbairn has established himself as one as an exciting talents emerging in today's techno scene.

Since his breakthrough in 2018 his tracks have been smashing dance floors across the world, picking up huge plays from some of the scenes most prominent artists, Pleasurekraft, Thomas Schmucher, Monika Kruse, Joyhuaser, and Spektre. His music has a unique flavour, combining influences from techno, house and uplifting riffs. With many years behind him in production,

Dales focus was on developing a sound that is unique to him, which resulted in releasing music of an international standard on labels Kraftek, Respekt and Phobiq. Starting out back in 2002 in the London electronic scene, with his determination to push the boundaries to grow his knowledge in music.

He worked with some of the scenes most talented producers to learn and develop his production skills, which saw him, DJ, at the most prominent venues London had to offer.

Sealing his techno passion came after travelling to Ibiza in 2016 and by chance watching Richie Hawkin play. From that point on, techno was his sole focus for inspiration.

He has a real focus on his craft; being a designer by day, he cares about the details in every track. Only releasing the music, he's genuinely proud of and believes meets his standards. Aside from his production craft, his DJs sets have built a reputation of quality and respect in the scene for delivering a musical journey with impeccable mixing skill, played in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. His hard work and patience paid off in 2018 with his release "In Range", which had a unique, uplifting sound of trance riffs, pitched with heavy grooves.

Gaining worldwide plays by some of the scenes biggest names. This kickstarted support from the scenes heavyweights. Making way for more releases on Kraftek, Phobiq, IAMT and Respekt with the EP "live through the night", which reached high points in the Beatport top 100 singles in 2021—reinforcing his reputation for delivering international quality releases.

Resulting in a influx of booking, where you find Dales playing regularly all over New Zealand. Dales excited about the future, with plans already underway for future big releasing and upcoming sets, hel hopes will result in making many ravers happy to be taken on a journey

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