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Hape Taniwhas Den 2023 Djs GMTD Crew


Looking back it’s now obvious that HAPE was going to naturally progress from being a punter on the dance floor to being behind the decks, such was his appetite and voracity for the music.

With an ever growing collection of records it wasn’t long before he got some 1210’s, delved into learning the craft, honing his skills and playing alongside friends. He was soon a regular on club nights and outdoor party line ups such as Pitch n' Faders, Back on Track, Dirty Laundry and his own High Calibre.

HAPE is a through and through beat merchant with an absolute passion for storming any dance floor you give him. Constantly striving to both push himself and take the audience on a journey through dark vocal prog with lush servings of deep tribal tech and everything in between, it’ll always be infused with his own twist of high energy funk.

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